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Get a mini portable speaker as a new year gift.

Author:siliton Date:12/28/2011 2:55:01 PM

Time flies,the 2012 is approaching,since we can not afford to get the ticket
to the ship of 2012,we should be more kind to ourselfs.We find less and less

people say they love us,it does not mean our parents will not love us any more

but mean it is time for us to give us love to more people,it is a share of responsibility

So many people will not get customed to be adult,they can not do many things that they used to do when
they are young.They may feel lonly when alone,yes that is a common phenomenon at this age.However nobody
will reject music as far as  i know.Look for a good mini portable speaker as a gift for yourself.
Turn on the radio and enjoy the old song when you are alone,it will reminds you of many valuable memory
you have been trying to find.

We should show smiles to everything around you,they teach you a lot and make you tougher.Just say to
them you love them.