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wooden mini speaker

Author:siliton Date:1/9/2012 8:39:48 AM

At ordinary times for life in a modern city, they have little access to  the forest, nature . Now, the we discovers a kind of mini wooden speakers with natural taste.

This a few fashion log color small speakers, modelling is simple,but have a cute appearance such as oak fruit, puppy, apple, the color is little a few minutes eye-catching gorgeous colour, but with many rays of the original flavor.

The fuselage with completely real wood hand-made mini speakers, not big, but powerful, not only can be connected to a computer, MP3 and cell phone equipment but used for speakers, among them a few fashion still can be used the built-in FM radio function separately,making you want to listen to  anywhere at any time. Wooden skin makes sound rather good.

The use of it is very simple, as long as through the sound button operation, can adjust the volume, transform radio channel, and so on, still can be in the radio headset mode, the radio as the mode and speakers mode to choose their own freedom to work model.

The wooden mini speakers is pure manual manufacturing, the appearance of small and exquisite, convenient to carry. In addition to its own functions, but also can be used as MP3, mobile phone hang drop, grace, let yourself feel the natural and pure and fresh smell at any moment.