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yesterday,today and tomorrow

Author:siliton Date:1/1/2012 3:27:40 AM
  We witnessed the coming of 2012 when the bell rang out,let all the disappointment, fear,worry,hurt,failure and losses gone
with the wind.We are no longer the figure we once were,at least we become more tough,confident and enthusiastic in future.
  Sure,not all dreams have been realised,because we are just common people not God,we enjoy the process what contains our
sweat and tears."Yesterday is a history,tomorrow is a mistery,but today is a gift,that is why we call it present."Every day
is a gift from the god,it is full of imagination.
  Try to show more love to your relative show kind to the strangers and show thanks to your enemies,they all enrich your life.
From now on,go to realise the promise you made,less complain and more efforts.
  Actually,everyone is a poet who express his life in his way.Simple and happy are all in the charge of yourself.